Technology and Education

Information and communication technology has been used to enhance and improve educational performance of student and institutions. Internet, mobile devices, social web and personal computer are information and communication technological advancements. Economist Intelligence Unit (2008) explained the role of technology in the present ‘knowledge based economy’ in educational transformation and preparation of workforce for global competitive market place. Technological tools such as online educational materials, blogs, wikis, video podcasts, mobile broadband, digital libraries and videoconferencing are enabling students and institutions to achieve educational goals.

Online educational materials help to gain breadth and depth of knowledge and its global coverage assists everyone to access to the resources. Accesses to digital libraries and availability of information on time are internet based learning advantages. Student centred learning can be facilitated by using internet to replace institution and faculty-centred learning (Baer, 1998).

Digital learning and digital publication are internet based educational concepts. Katz (2005) argued about the existence of “digital communities”. Digital libraries are enabling us for web-based learning. We can access information anywhere from the world and we can publish our documents digitally. However reliability, authority and trustworthiness are questions to be answered about digital publication (Katz, 2005).

Use of internet technologies for distance learning has been increased globally. Radio, television, telephone, cable, audiotapes and videoconferencing are the tools and methods used for internet based distance learning (Baer, 1998). According to Baer (1998), distance learning is affected by internet and its functions are interactive communication, on demand, access to course materials, audio visual materials are less expensive.


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