3D Technology

Three dimensional (3D), an object with length, breadth and height, technology is becoming popular across the countries and continents. 3D technology includes 3D television, 3D cinema, 3D camera and 3D printer. 3D technology has a wider range of applications including television, computer, architecture and industry (visionnw.com, 2013). 3D technology can be helpful for game industry and solar energy industry.

Cinemas started showing 3D technology in the nineteenth century. The first public 3D movie was ‘The Power of Love’ produced in 1922. Viewers can perceive depth of the objects of cinema produced using special motion picture camera and stereoscopic photography (visionnw.com, 2013). 3D television market is booming in the recent years. In Global post (2013)’s statistics, 3D television sales increased by 72 percent in 2012 with a total shipment of 41.45 million units.

3D printing is changing the future and our social life by converting digital data into physical objects (Science Museum, 2013). Handgun with firing capacity of 50 shots has been recently produced using 3D printing technology (Guardian, 2013). 3D printer has been successful in drawing customer’s attention in the past 10 years. Price (2013) estimated 56507 units of 3D printer’s shipment in 2013, 75 percent growth in 2014 to 98065 units.

Architects, engineers and consultants can take advantage of 3D architecture of buildings and structure and its commercial applications (visionnw.com, 2013). 3D technologies can lead a society in a different way by changing the work patterns, business technologies and innovation. 3D technologies can transform the theory into practice by lowering the cost to the society, environment and economy.


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